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The Writer's Tale - The Untold Story Of The BBC... __LINK__

Still, there have been some notable versions of the story across the globe. As early as 1688, English playwright Aphra Behn translated a French version of the tale into an English novella. This was then adapted for the stage by another woman, Catharine Trotter, and played at Drury Lane in 1696. Titled Agnes de Castro, its plot had already wandered a fair way from the original, introducing new characters as part of a complex plot that becomes about the perils of female rivalry and jealousy.

The Writer's Tale - The Untold Story of the BBC...

Assembling a new book of ancient stories translated by great writers, Of Gods and Men, I was surprised to discover how prevalent the tale of the Trojan War has been down the ages. Authors as diverse as John Dryden, Alexander Pope and Louis MacNeice have been moved to translate various versions of the classical myth. One reason the Trojan War has struck such a chord is that, besides being an excellent story, it has long been suspected to have actually happened.

It is a tale made for television, a true story that explains the origin of our land, our culture and our language, a story of heroism and horror, of romance and revenge. I have loved writing the books and now look forward with intense enjoyment to seeing the stories come alive on the screen.

The show is here to stay on Netflix and its worth a watch. The show follows a young Merlin as he becomes the aid of Prince Arthur Pendragon while keeping his magic a secret as he helps Arthur realize his true potential. The show may be based on the original tales, but it has its own unique storyline that stays from the well-known story.

There are multiple versions of Merlin and Arthur Pendragon's tales, but there are some key elements that are a must-have. This might be a spoiler to a certain degree. As audiences follow the story of Arthur (Bradley James), they are introduced to his most trusted knights and companions.

Anyone who has any remote knowledge of the King Arthur tales would recall the famous sword, Excalibur. In the show Merlin, they also utilize the storyline of Excalibur. The first time audiences see the sword is when Merlin asks for it from Freya, the Lady of the Lake.

One aspect of Arthur and Guinevere's road to love that is the same as the tales is the involvement of Lancelot. In a popular story arc, Guinevere has an affair with Lancelot. In the show, when Lancelot makes his first appearance, there is a spark that ignites between the two. It causes some tension between the three.

Two months later, another journalist took on the Abagnale tale. Ira Perry, a reporter for The Daily Oklahoman, did a line-by-line debunking of the story when Abagnale was scheduled to visit Oklahoma City for one of his talks.

Antony and Cleopatra are famous. With just a handful of others, including Caesar, Alexander the Great, Nero, Plato and Aristotle, they remain household names more than two thousand years after their spectacular suicides. Cleopatra is the only woman in the list, which in itself is interesting and a testament to her enduring fascination. Yet most often Antony and Cleopatra are remembered as a couple, and as lovers -- perhaps the most famous lovers from history. Shakespeare's play helped them to grow into fictional characters as well, and so their story can now be numbered alongside other tales of passionate, but doomed romance, as tragic as the finale of Romeo and Juliet. It is unsurprising that the tale has been reinvented time after time in print, on stage and, more recently, on screen. Since they both had strongly theatrical streaks, this enduring fame would no doubt have pleased them, although since neither was inclined to modesty it would probably not have surprised them or seemed less than their due.

If spooky is your thing, check out The Living and the Dead starring Colin Morgan. It's a twisting psychological tale that focuses on Nathan Appleby, a psychologist who inherits a beautiful house in Somerset Valley. This gorgeous, understated, subtle ghost story is eerie (rather than terrifying).

The Secret of Crickley Hall is an emotional, eerie tale about a family grieving. They decide to move to Crickley Hall to get away for a little while, but the ghosts of previous occupants begin to complicate their lives. The stories of all the characters are wonderfully interwoven. It's more eerie than scary and leans more towards a Victorian ghost story type feel than a horror flick. It's based on the novel by James Herbert. 041b061a72


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