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Download |WORK| Bud Redhead: The Time Chase PC Game 2003

Released near the end of 2003, Bud Redhead: The Time Chase tells the story of Bud's adventures through time in four different worlds to save Rachel, the girl he loves. Rachel was taken by Feyatta, a galactic criminal that has been kidnapping all types of inhabitants from different worlds across the galaxy for display in a museum. Luckily for Bud who wants to save her, two agents from the Cosmic Federation pursuing Feyatta by the name of Kraz and Zark arrive to aid him. They provide Bud with a way to travel through time and pursue Feyatta as he attempts to get back to his spaceship. Once Bud is transported to his first world in his journey through time, then the fun truly begins.

Download Bud Redhead: The Time Chase PC Game 2003

Bud will journey through four different worlds consisting of a Forest, Egypt, a Castle and finally Feyatta's Spaceship. There are 5 levels within each world plus a boss level at the very end against Feyatta himself for a total of 21 levels. Each level is huge, crafted with care and attention and the game should give most players over 20 hours of gameplay, especially for those players that take the time to find all the exciting hidden areas within each level. Gameplay is simple, as in each level there is an exit portal that you must reach but it will remain closed until you find the required amount of coins that will open it. You will find these coins as well as various colored gems, fruits and other items throughout each level and in the hidden areas.

There is a small display at the bottom right of the playing screen that keeps track of how many coins and colored gems you have found in each level. It is a very helpful display because it shows you how many coins you need to open the exit portal. Although you can finish each level when you collect the required amount of coins you can still keep playing a level to find the other coins that remain as well as several types of colored gems that will award bonus points to your score. Yes, everything you do is scored in this game, and, as I accomplished, you may be able to reach an impressive score of over a million points if you do your best to find everything in each level. Once you find every type of colored gem and coin in a level a green arrow will appear beside each item. Be careful not to rush playing through the game as it will become very short for you if you only care about collecting the minimum amount of coins to open the exit portal. To enjoy this game as it was meant to be played you should attempt to find all the coins and all types of colored gems as well as all the hidden areas within each level. I had such an exciting time looking for that one last coin or green, red or blue gem as well as seeing how clever the developers were with the hidden areas. You will have to search everywhere very closely to find where a hidden area may exist.

This review would not be complete without mentioning the excellent detail that went into the music as well as the graphics for each of the four worlds. Each world has its own unique theme, music, enemies, challenges and look that separates it from the last world you visited. As you play through the game it becomes clear that the three years were well spent in creating some very beautiful worlds. In the forest area, admire the waterfalls as you move across them, to the look of the castle area that is adorned by fireplaces and statues. The final boss area was also done very well and I appreciated how it was designed. What is also impressive is that before and after each world, there will be a story presented to you in story book fashion that will chronicle Bud's journey through time as he ventures through each world in pursuit of the criminal Feyatta and of saving his beloved Rachel. Be prepared for a very exciting twist in the story at the end of the game that serves to demonstrate that some time was spent creating the story.

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