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Mega Snake Movie Download Hd

They did Feedback dirty in the marketing for this on the Sci Fi (Syfy) Channel. This movie tricked me into watching the whole thing, thinking Feedback had a more prominent role after he won on "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" Just like Mega Snake, the reality show aired as a Sci Fi Original with the winning prize being a starring role in one of the channel's original films. The featured role had a screen time of around 30 seconds towards the end of the movie. Feedback's brief appearance consisted of zapping the mega snake once and running off with two children. Pretty underwhelming but funny to think about in retrospect.

Mega Snake movie download hd

And so we finally come to the end of our Half-O-Ween coverage with the capstone of my killer snakes mini-series. After careful consideration of SNAKEMAN, VIPERS, PYTHON, and now MEGA SNAKE (aka MEGASNAKE and MEGA-SNAKE; a bad sign that they couldn't even settle on how the title was supposed to be spelled), I have come to the conclusion that killer snake movies are not, as a rule, "good."

It is really sad to think this was screen star Stella Stevens last acting gig before five years later she had to sell home and go into a long term nursing facility and now wastes away her last years. Her acting scenes were unfortunately not memorable as the lowly barkeep at local watering hole and also as nursemaid for the last hiking survivor. Only glad thing was to see this was not like most of the big snake movies where everyone is gobbled up. Stella Stevens character was able to live!!! I hope she made enough from this movie to keep some $$$ in the bank.

First of all, I must admit that I had absolutely no expectations for this 2010 movie. Why? Well, for starters, look at the name; "Megaconda". That just drips with low budget and horrible creature feature all over it. And usually movies with monstrously large snakes tend to be dubious at best.But I hadn't seen the movie before, so of course I ended up sitting down to watch the 2010 movie from writer Steve Latshaw and director Christopher Olen Ray.So how was it? Well, pretty much as it could possible be. A predictable movie with such a generic script that even a dead person could be able to keep up with it. And the CGI animated snake was so fake and poorly made that even a computer game from the 1990s would reject it.Granted, "Megaconda" was not among the best of huge snake movies. No, not even by a longshot. Yet, I managed to get through the entire ordeal.The acting in the movie was adequate enough, if you take into consideration the limitations of the script and the flaccid characters they had to work with. Of course, a movie such as this doesn't really boast any grand names on the billing.A creature feature such as "Megaconda" is required to have realistic effects, or at least a creature design that you can buy into. But "Megaconda" didn't have that. Instead we were treated to a horribly animated CGI snake that was definitely among some of the worst animated snake effects I have suffered through.My rating of "Megaconda" lands on a staggering three out of ten stars. This was a swing and a miss folks, and you might as well just give the movie a wide berth, because it is not really worth the time, money or effort.

Megaconda was a movie that I didn't know existed until today. I watched and thought it was averages but entertaining. The effects aren't the best but I didn't expect them to be. The snake scenes are fun to watch. The acting wasn't anything to write home about about though Greg Evigan was decent with what he was given. I also thought the snake was a bit to big, I would have rather seen a snake as big as the ones in the Anaconda series but that's just me. The sounds that the snake makes are the same ones you hear in every giant snake movie which isn't a bad thing because I do like the sounds, though I guess I'm weird. The director, Christopher Ray (known for Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus) did a decent job directing, he is pretty good at action sequences which was really what I and other people watch these type of movies for. But over all this is a average but entertaining movie. 2 out of 4 stars


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